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Porto Carras winery is the largest organic winery in Greece, located on the western side of the picturesque Sithonia peninsula in Halkidiki. Travelers come here not only to taste wines but also to enjoy the fabulous slopes and nature of mount Meliton.

History of the winery

In the middle of the last century, the Greeks could not have even imagined that they had such a wonderful place for growing grapes on their doorstep. For the first time this nature-reserved and untouched territory was noticed by the ship owner Yannis Carras. This happened in the summer of 1963 during a cruise to the shores of St. Athos for celebrating the millennium of the Monastic republic. Having seen the hilly slopes of Meliton, Carras forever fell in love with the endlessness of a hundred green and turquoise hints of the Toroneos gulf.

Just 2 years later, the first rows of vineyards and olive groves appeared here. At the same time, construction of an innovative tourist complex began. The project of the winery in Halkidiki was planned to the smallest detail. In the late 60s, the best scientists and specialists in this field were invited here. They originated a scheme of laying out the vineyards so that the new varieties could easily adapt to the mountain landscape and could sooner yield a harvest. At the same time, the owners were treating the territory with great care and they managed to keep the unique forests intact.

In 1970, the winery appeared in this place. It was built in such a way as to remain invisible from the road and from the sea, and not to spoil the original landscape of Sithonia.

Emile Payneau, a famous professor of the Bordeaux University and the father of modern winemaking, also had a hand in the creation of Porto Carras. The specialist planted here some of the first seedlings of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc in Greece, in combination with the oldest local variety Limnio.

Today, more than 25 grape varieties are grown in Porto Carras, on an area of more than 475 hectares. The most popular white varieties are Malagouzia, Assyrtiko, Afiri, Sauvignon Blanc and Roditi. Among the red ones the famous Greek wine Limnio, Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc are leading, as well as Merlot and Shiraz.

Modern wine tourism

The Porto Carras winery, which was awarded gold, silver and bronze awards of dozens of international prizes, is definitely a must see in Greece. Of course, you may taste local alcoholic beverages in many places around the country. But here in Halkidiki, every tot of wine sounds much richer.

Porto Carras provides broad range of interesting entertainment for travelers who are in love with nature and good drinks. Where to start exploring the area?

The first thing is to walk through the vineyards and have a picnic in the wood overlooking the Aegean Sea. Then take a few photos of the fantastic scenery that opens from the top of mount Meliton. And after that, pay a visit to Villa Galini — a magnificent castle with a farmstead, which completely accords the nature of Sithonia. It was here where Yannis Carras used to live and receive his famous guests. Even Salvador Dali and Gina Bachauer were among them.

Today, Galini is working as a museum. A winery itself is located just a few steps away. Here the guests can watch the process of production of drinks, visit the wine cellar with vintage wines and even taste some of them. In the evening, after all walks and excursions, visit Varelaki Wine Bar. The authentic Greek atmosphere and original local cuisine will surprise even the most demanding food culture experts.

What else besides wine?

On the territory of Porto Carras, besides the wine, you can also buy chocolate made from health ingredients, local-produced olives and traditional souvenirs. And the lovers of beauty-shopping will be pleasantly surprised by natural cosmetics for face and body with local herbs.

A huge hotel complex PORTO CARRAS GRAND RESORT is located five minutes from the winery. There are 2 five-star SPA hotels, a casino, a golf course and a pier for 315 motor boats and yachts on its territory. There is also a sea club and a horse riding club, a tennis academy and a diving centre, private beaches and of course, the crystal waters of the Toroneos gulf.

Porto Carras is located 120 kilometres from Thessaloniki and 65 kilometres from Nea Moudania. There are two ways to get here: by a rental car or by bus, which runs almost every hour. And those who prefer to stay in a hotel can order a bus transfer from the airport. 


  • if you want to walk along the hilly slopes for long time, choose comfortable shoes and clothes.
  • take a light coat with you. It will be useful in case of windy weather and during the excursion in the winery and in its wine cellars.