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Nea Potidea, a small resort village located on the Halkidiki Peninsula, is highly sought after by tourists. Its abundance of beaches, its position near the Potidean canal, and its connection to the past, all make it a desirable destination. One of the main draws to Nea Potidea is the Justinian Wall, a reminder of the city’s long history.


In 43 b. c., the romans colonized the area, even going so far as to mint their own coins. In 540 a. d., however, the city was destroyed by the huns, but was soon restored by Byzantine emperor Justinian. He commissioned the construction of a wall designed to protect the Kassandra peninsula from naval threats. Unfortunately, the huns' attack caused Nea Potidea’s prosperity to wane.

Going back to the 15th century, John VII Palaiologos demanded a massive reconstruction of the wall. A few years afterwards, in 1424, the venetians attempted to fix it up, yet the turkish invasion prevented them from succeeding. Later sources revealed that the wall was utilized by the revolutionaries in the 1821 revolution. 300 greek revolutionaries attempted to impede the ottoman army’s progress, withstanding their advance for a long duration. Ultimately, the opponents managed to sail around the wall, thus outflanking the Kassandra defenders.

The structure suffered significant damage during the building of the Potidean canal and afterwards when refugees came to Eastern Trakya. They took pieces of the stronghold to use in their homes, changing its look drastically. Now, when you visit Potidea, you can witness the remnants of the Justinian Wall, a symbol of the city, a representation of fortification monuments, and one of the most popular photography spots of Potidea.


Potidea seems to be the ideal destination among the resorts located in the Kassandra peninsula. Its proximity to the Macedonia airport — a mere 55 km away — allows for easy access. From there, you can take a bus directly to Nea Potidea.


Close by Justinian Wall there is the tavern, where you can savor some delicious seafood while admiring an ancient monument.