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The Halkidiki peninsula is a real gem of Greece: every point of the "Poseidon’s trident" is authentic and filled with a unique atmosphere. The resorts of Kassandra — the first "finger" of Halkidiki — are popular not only with guests from all over the world, but also with the Greeks. Right at the entrance to Cassandra there is one of the most famous places of the peninsula — Nea Potidea. Located in close proximity to the manmade waterway that separates Kassandra from the rest of Halkidiki, the village is rich in picturesque places, one of which is the small port of Nea Potidea.

Being inhabited since the ancient times, Nea Potidea acquired its modern appearance only in the last century. The current infrastructure allows guests of all ages to relax here and is arranged for any budget. Those who do not prefer active rest enjoy the luxurious picturesque beaches, and young people are delighted to explore the local bars and dance floors. There are many places both for a sightseeing tour and for simple walks at the end of the day spent on the beach. 

The location of the village really has invaluable advantages: Nea Potidea is surrounded by the Aegean sea on two sides — the bays of Thermaikos and Toroneos, besides it is separated from the main part of Halkidiki by an artificial Potidean channel. The real kingdom of water around the village creates magnificent landscapes, and the vividness of colors can amaze even the most avid skeptic.   

Having enjoyed a beach holiday a lot and having visited all the local attractions, arrange a walk to the port of Nea Potidea. It is a quiet modest harbor, where small fishing boats are moored. This is a very picturesque place — among the old fishing boats and ships you can see modern yachts, which in combination with the blue sky and blue surface of the sea water become a part of a fantastic landscape worthy of the artist's pencil. The place is not suitable for swimming, of course, but having taken a comfortable position, you can watch the shoals of various fish and sea urchins, which do not seem to notice the presence of people and quietly swim in the clear waters of the bay.     

Nea Potidea is located at the very beginning of Kassandra, on the Halkidiki peninsula, just 55 kilometers from Thessaloniki airport "Macedonia". You can get here both by a rented car or a taxi and by public transport. To do this, take the bus number 79A to get to Halkidiki bus station, and then make a change to the bus that goes to Nea Potidea.  

The port of Nea Potidea is located at the Western exit of Potidea channel. A walk from the center of the village will not take much time and will bring a pleasure. 


  • There are the famous attractions of the village quite near the port of Nea Potidea — the ruins of the Justinian wall in the sea and the Church of St. Nicholas. A small park with a gorgeous view of the bay is also suitable for walking.
  • Very close to the port there is an excellent fish tavern "Marina", known for excellent seafood dishes and a high level of service. This is the perfect place to end a walk, allowing you to enjoy the seascape, fine wine and incredibly delicious fish dishes.
  • Early in the morning, local fishermen sell fresh fish in the port of Nea Potidea, and if you're lucky, you can even buy lobsters from them. Many tavern owners come here for fresh seafood.
  • This small port is a great place for a short walk, during which you can not only enjoy the surrounding nature, but also take great photos — here they will certainly appear to be incredibly romantic, especially at sunset.