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Agia Paraskevi
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Greece has been a spot for vacations, not only for its wonderful beaches, but also for its healing capabilities. For centuries, people have known the power of its mineral waters. Buried deep in the soil, they give folks well-being due to the variety of their chemical makeup. Loutra Agia Paraskevi, in the Halkidiki region, is one of the most renowned thermal resorts in the country.


The history of Agia Paraskevi is lost in the depths of time, and the precise date of its founding is unknown, due to the lack of written records. It has been destroyed three times, before and during the 1821 revolution. Despite this, information has been preserved about the natural properties of its sources, which attracted people seeking to improve their health in antiquity. These sources were only reopened in 1941, when a resident of saint Paraskevia stumbled upon the entrance to a cave. With a rope, they lowered a brave soul into the depths and he made a remarkable discovery — hot water was found at the bottom. This accidental discovery was a catalyst for the development of tourism on the Kassandra peninsula.

The community living near the springs started to use them as a natural bath. Subsequently, the nearby area was transformed into a modern spa center, which opened its doors in 1961. In the beginning of the 2000s, the hospital was revamped to a modern, comprehensive spa center with all needed amenities. Today, Loutra Agia Paraskevi is known as the place to go for relaxation, boasting a tranquil atmosphere with stunning natural landscape.

Healing benefits of water

The healing benefits of the thermal waters of Loutra Agia Paraskevi are beneficial for various maladies, from illnesses of the bones and joints — such as arthritis and osteoarthritis — to skin conditions like dermatitis and acne. It even aids in the healing of old fractures and can be used as a general health booster. The water is rich in bromine, magnesium and sodium, with a temperature of +39°c. 

Recreation in Agia Paraskevi

A stay at spa resort offers plenty of wellness opportunities, including hydrotherapy, steam baths, hydro massage, individual baths, pools with thermal water, and a massage room where greek olive oil, honey, and grape seed treatments are available.

The spa has two major pools. The outdoor one is situated on the balcony with a fabulous sight of the ocean and bucolic cliffs, and right next to it, you can unwind on sun loungers or have a cup of coffee at a table on the terrace. The indoor pool is larger and situated inside, so you can come here even in the cold months, when swimming in the sea is no longer feasible. Moreover, there is an excellent sauna to relax and heat up. Thanks to this, the spa complex is visited both in fall and spring, basically by local inhabitants who are aware of how to rest in a pleasing and helpful manner.

Agia Paraskevi is renowned for its hospital, but there’s more to it than that. Sadly, the beaches here aren’t ideal, as there is a large amount of stones and a tiny strip of shoreline apt for swimming. Nevertheless, the village, located further in the peninsula, is encompassed by picturesque pine forests, along which trails for trekking have been laid — a great leisure activity for nature lovers. For those who have an interest in history, there is an ancient church. Although its exact construction date is unknown, it has been in existence for a minimum of two centuries and gave the name to the village. Additionally, you can wander down the streets of Agia Paraskevi and purchase side dishes: the village is known for its honey and olive oil produced locally.

Situated at a distance of 120 km from Thessaloniki and 100 km away from the international airport, Loutra Agia Paraskevis is accessible via bus from the Halkidiki bus station with a transfer.


  • Gaining access to its pools entails a fee of about 8 euros for a single visit. However, should you wish to enjoy individual baths, you’d need to pay 20 euros for a half-hour session.
  • It is advisable to bring extra money with you if you want to avail of any additional treatments such as a massage, which could last anywhere between 30–70 minutes.
  • The fluid of the spa complex emits an unmistakable odour of hydrogen sulfide. Agia Paraskevi is celebrated for its breathtaking sunsets — an added inducement to come here. It offers the finest views of the Aegean sea.