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Athos is the treasury of the Halkidiki peninsula. Orthodox shrines and historical monuments are located here. One of these monuments is the tower of Prosphorion, which became a symbol of Ouranoupolis (Ouranoupoli).


From the XI century and until recently the area where the tower of Prosphorion is situated belonged to the Athonite monastery of Vatopedi. The main symbol of Ouranoupoli was built on the seashore in 1344. At least, the first mention of the tower was found in the sources of this period. The Prosphorion was built on the foundation of another ancient building. Immediately after the construction was finished, the monks who managed the Athos metochion settled in the tower.

Prosphorion is known as the only inhabited tower in Halkidiki. According to a legend, John Palaeologus stayed here. He liked the tower so much that he ordered to grant it a remission of taxation. But at the end of the XVI century, the Prosphorion Tower suffered from the earthquake. At the beginning of the XIX century, during the events of the revolution, the tower was destroyed by fire. In the sources of 1858, it is mentioned as "empty and uninhabited" one. 

An extensive work on the restoration of the Prosphorion Tower began in the second half of the XIX century. Then it got its modern look. As the time passed, experts managed to determine all the historical layers of this structure:

  • The entire lower part of the structure remained from the Byzantine tower. There are only a few buildings of this type, which have survived in Greece, dating back to the XI-XII centuries.
  • The two upper floors had been lost — they were dating back to the Ottoman era and were probably destroyed by an earthquake in 1585.
  • The wooden interior of the tower and its modern roof appeared during the XIX century’ reconstruction, which was finished in 1862.
  • After the earthquake, an inclined support wall was built.

Next to the tower of Prosphorion the farm buildings, workers' houses and storage area of boats were located. In the early 20s, they became a refuge for newcomers from Asia Minor. The married couple of Locks strongly helped to save the tower — they were an Anglo-Australian couple from the philanthropic community. They provided support to refugees and helped to build their social life. Together, the Lock family traveled across Europe and spent time in different parts of the world, aspiring to provide humanitarian aid. For one of their trips, the Locks went to Thessaloniki and then reached Ouranoupolis. In 1928, they decided to settle first on the island of Ammouliani, and later in the tower of Prosphorion, which captivated them. For many years, the tower had been their home. 

Today the tower of Prosphorion is owned by the Greek Ministry of culture. It is considered to be the largest and best preserved in Halkidiki. Inside it, there is a museum exhibition. Here you can see things related to the Lock family, ancient archaeological finds from different parts of the Athos peninsula (including bronze helmets, ceramic vessels and coins). Sometimes, temporary exhibitions are held. Getting up to the tower balcony you can enjoy the views of the Ouranoupoli coast. The Prosphorion tower is open to the public only during the summer season.

Next to the tower, there is a small pier. Small ships leave from it to Mount Athos. It is also the first thing that passengers of the vessels see when approaching Ouranoupoli.

The Prosphorion Tower is situated in Ouranoupoli. This city is located 140 km from the center of Thessaloniki and 120 km from Macedonia airport. You can get here by a rented car in 2 hours. By bus, the journey will be longer. After leaving the airport, you need to take the bus No. 79 to the IKEA stop. There you have to change to the bus No. 36, which runs to the KTEL Halkidikis bus station. From there buses go to Ouranoupoli several times a day.