Agios Ioannis Beach
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Sithonia is replete with secluded beaches, quiet lagoons and green slopes. When you want to feel that Greece belongs only to you and to be a special guest, you should choose the second "finger" of the Halkidiki peninsula. Choose and do not go wrong!

About the beach

You can go to this beach with a goal in your mind or just drive along the coast looking for new views — be sure that the turquoise waters of Agios Ioannis beach on Sithonia will attract you.

Until 2016, this coast was a refuge for free campers. And nowadays beach bars replaced the tents.

  • “Riviera” is a recently opened large beach bar of Agios Ioannis. New comfortable sunbeds, shower, light lounge and European menu — just a perfect combination for a leisurely holiday. And if you arrive after 17:30, the sunbeds will be absolutely free of charge.

The beach line stretches for about a kilometer, so there is enough space for lovers of privacy with their own umbrellas.

The location of the beach is its undoubted advantage: it is turned to the south, so it is sunny here almost all day long.

The entrance to the water is gentle, sandy, and there are natural stone slabs at the water's edge in some places (that is quite common for the beaches of Halkidiki). However, here it will hardly cause you inconvenience. The cleanest shallow water with a gentle sandy seabed is ideal for families with children, for lovers of water games and for those who just want to relax in the sun-heated water.

It is easy to reach the Ag.Ioannis beach in Sithonia by a rented car: it is located 4 km from the village of Nikiti on the way to Neos Marmaras. There is a convenient highway exit and free parking here.

Public transport in Halkidiki is already a kind of challenge, but may be you are in search of thrills... If so, get ready for transfers, taking all villages on your way and 10-15 minute deviation from the schedule in any direction. You can study the bus schedule on the website of the KTEL carrier.


  • The standard system for Halkidiki "buy a drink and get a sun lounger" does not work in every bar. Specify this point before making an order to avoid misunderstandings when paying the bill.
  • Exact infrastructure is absent, because the beach is located at some distance from the villages. Besides, there aren’t many places for entertainment — just a small station of water transport rental. So if you're looking for an active holiday, you'd better explore the beaches of Kassandra.
  • Partygoers perhaps will like Agios Ioannis beach in Sithonia in the evening, when DJs of the beach bar "Riviera" twist the sliders on their consoles and barmen invitingly shake their shakers.