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Armenistis beach is a beautiful seaside in Halkidiki with sparkling azure water, which has the "Blue flag" award of the Foundation for environmental education (FEE). Its coastline stretches for almost 1 km, which means that everyone will find a place to relax in this picturesque corner.

Features of Armenistis

When you are looking at the crystal water that sparkles in the sunlight, you seem to fall into a trance. All at once, you just want to spend all day lying here on the sand or on a sunlounger and admire every tiny wave of the bay, which has a color that is indistinguishable from the sky in places. It is not surprising that this place is always noisy and crowded, and children do not get out of the water for hours. In addition, the entrance at the Armenistis beach is gentle and the seaside is easy to reach.

Armenistis in Sithonia is justifiably considered to be one of the best beaches not only on Halkidiki peninsula, but in Greece as well. The water in the bay is usually calm, and the sand is clean and white, like the skin of medieval noblewomen. There is a beautiful pine forest around the beach, which somewhere almost merges with the turquoise waves and therefore emphasizes the Mediterranean flavour of this place. During a hot day, you can hide from the sun under the trees or arrange a picnic.

Athos is visible right from the beach. It is especially beautiful at dawn, when the top of the mountain is bathing in sunbeams and seems to emit a magical light. But in general, people come to Armenistis not so much to admire nature as to have a great rest on the shores of the Aegean sea with good infrastructure. And, by the way, with a very shallow seabed. This is why this area attracts families with children.


Everyone will find something to do on Armenistis beach. There is a well-organized campsite here. Most often young people stay here, but there are also married couples. For travelers, there is a mini-market, several cafes, restaurants, a kiosk with fast food and even a beach equipment store on the territory of the campsite. You can also play volleyball or badminton here.

Armenistis is rightly called a paradise for lovers of water and extreme sports. Windsurfing, kitesurfing, jet skis, sea kayaking, sailing, fitness, diving, flyboard, jet skis, boat tours, scuba diving. If this list is not complete for you, ask the campsite administrator what else you can do here. There are also several lifeguards and a medical aid station, which make the rest even safer and more enjoyable.

The showers, changing stalls and toilets are situated every 300 metres on the shore. But it is really very noisy on the central part of the beach and you can hear music from nearby establishments. To hide from them, it is better to locate in the northern part of the Armenistis beach when you come here. By the way, this is where you can go snorkeling and dive with a mask and a snorkel. For free!

A significant disadvantage of this beach, which is often mentioned by travelers, is the cost of visiting the beach and campsite area. You should pay for the entrance to Armenistis beach. A standard one-day ticket costs €3.5. If you want a coffee or drinks to be served for you, you need to pay €5. A child ticket costs €2.5 and €3.5 respectively. Besides, the guests will have to leave an ID document at the reception. And you need to pay extra for sunbeds and umbrellas.

For those who want to stay nearby, there are various hotels and coastal areas not far from the beach, where you can rent even a villa during a period from May to September. But many travelers refuse comfortable rooms and prefer to spend the night in trailers, bungalows and tents.


Armenistis beach is located in the eastern part of Sithonia in Halkidiki peninsula. It got its name from the same-name fishing settlement, near which it is located.

The most convenient way to get to Armenistis is by car or by scooter. At 20 km south of Vourvourou you will see the pointer for camping area. It will lead you directly to the beach.

There is a small parking lot at the entrance to the campsite, but it is often completely packed. Therefore, travelers leave their vehicles along the main road — due to this fact, you may run into a rather long column of parked cars. This means that you will have to go to the beach on foot for a few minutes.


  • You can get to Armenistis for free as well. You need to go about 500 metres at the left of the beach, to the northern part of it, where the camping area ends. The sand is coarse and there are more stones, but it is just as convenient to live in a tent here as on the central part.
  • In order not to hurt yourself by the underwater rocks and not to step on a sea urchin, use special shoes or do not swim near the boulders.
  • At the entrance to the paid beach, guests are asked to leave their food and drinks. Do not take them with you, so that you would not have to throw them away.