Fava Beach
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Fava beach is a tiny wild place with fabulous nature on the eastern side of the Sithonia peninsula. It is surrounded by a landscape of mountains, which are covered with forests. The beach is located near Vourvourou — a popular tourist resort with well-developed infrastructure.

Features of Fava beach

If you want to hear how Sithonia sounds, you should come to Fava in the morning or in the evening. It’s not crowded here even during the daytime, and all the more in the morning and evening. Seagulls are flying over the sea, wheatears are singing in the trees, and even the waves seem to be whispering something when they collide with the rocks on the shore. And mount Athos, which is located directly opposite the beach, looks even more magical and mystical in the morning. Yes, Fava, located near Vourvourou, is really a wild corner that travelers had discovered just 10 years ago.

It is located very close to Karidi beach. However, unlike that place, the sea is deeper here, and the descent is sharp. Shallow water with beautiful stones and shells at Fava ends at 5-7 metres from the coastline. That is why the place is so popular with swimmers and divers who strive to get from the coast as far as possible and observe a completely different world. Moreover, it is easy to come across waves at Fava beach in Halkidiki unlike Karidi beach, where the water is usually calm. And you can also run into the luxury villas of wealthy Greeks from Thessaloniki, which are located at the back of the beach.

If we talk about Fava beach in Greece in general, the coastline is sandy, and the seabed is covered with small pebbles in places. The beach is surrounded by green quiet forest all around. Fava consists of three large beaches and two smaller ones, separated from each other by big stones. By the way, they are scattered along the whole coastline and their bizarre shape resembles fish, animals and even dinosaurs. The water on the beach delights the eye with hundreds of hues of dark and pale blue, like a real topaz. From gentle aquamarine and cornflower blue near the shore to azure and cobalt-coloured far away — the color of the sea changes depending on weather, wind and season.

The most beautiful period for the Fava beach is from May to the middle of September. That's when this secluded corner surrounded by rocks turns into a favourite vacation spot for romantic couples of all ages. They can sunbathe here all day long, dive from the rocks into the warm waves of the gulf of Agion-Oros and cuddle under colorful umbrellas. However, the season lasts here almost until the end of October.


Fava beach in Sithonia is a mere wild beach. There are no sun loungers, umbrellas, bars and children’s playgrounds. People come here just for a quiet rest and silence, which are terribly lacking in modern megapolises. But even in spite of the absence of infrastructure, Fava is popular also among travelers with children. Kids love to build sand castles here, climb the cliffs and jump from small stones in the clear water. Besides, it is very clean and there is absolutely no garbage on the seaside. Therefore, you don't have to worry about safety.

Considering that Fava is almost always empty, there is a lot of space for playing volleyball or badminton. However, there is no shadow on the beach. This is a problem. For example, during the season the air temperature reaches 40°C, which means it is better to stay under an umbrella. And this is another reason why it is recommended to come to Fava either in the morning or later in the afternoon.

There are no shops directly on the shore. But on the way to Vourvourou or at the nearby beach of Karidi, you can buy water and various snacks.

Meanwhile, there is an excellent large parking lot with many trees near Fava that will protect your vehicle from the scorching sun. Leaving here the car, scooter or motorcycle, you need to move to the stone stairs, which will lead you to the beach.

Since the beach is wild, there are no pointers on the road to it. But it's easy to find Fava. You just need to turn off the main highway of Sithonia to the asphalt road to Vourvourou and continue moving straight to the east. In a few kilometres behind the sign for Karidi beach there will be a large parking of Fava, where you can leave your transport.


  • Be sure to bring a few bottles of water and necessary products, especially if you are coming with children. The nearest shop is on the nearby beach at about 5 minutes away by car.
  • Since there is no shade on the beach, you can easily get sunburned. Therefore, in addition to towels or sunbeds take umbrellas and some means to protect the skin from sunburn.
  • Diving in the crystal-clear waves is a real pleasure. For studying the seabed, you will need an underwater mask and perhaps flippers.
  • To seclude with your beloved or just enjoy the unspoilt nature, go to the distant beaches of Fava.