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Goa Beach

Sarti,Sithonia,Halkidiki Region,Central Macedonia,Greece

General information

Sithonia in the Halkidiki peninsula is famous for its picturesque nature and beautiful beaches, many of which are awarded the Blue flag for the purity of the water, safety and care for the environment. The eastern side of Sithonia offers fantastic views of the turquoise waters of the gulf of Singitikos and the peninsula of mount Athos. 

A small beach of Goa, located in a natural lagoon that is surrounded by rocks, offers vacationers not only rich colors of wildlife, but also an original stylish beach bar. Even the road to this quiet and cozy area of the coast seems to be the footage of fantastic movies — a narrow winding soil road descends from the highway between the rocks directly to the sea. 

The special features of the beach 

Goa beach in Sithonia is located to the south of one of the most popular resort villages — Sarti. The shore in the bay is covered with light sand, and is framed by high grey rocks on both sides. The uncreated nature in this area impresses with its beauty: the blue-green color of the sea and a white sandy strip on the shore are surrounded by high green hills. The beach is not very big — just a few hundred metres, but there is enough space for an organized part, and for free rest. 

The water in the sea is perfectly clear and very clean, as well as the shore itself. The seabed is rocky that is why this place is not suitable for children’s swimming. The depth increases quite quickly, but for scuba diving the bay is just perfect — incredible transparency of the water allows you to admire the small underwater rocks, as well as observe the life of sea creatures.

The infrastructure

The small size of Goa beach in Halkidiki and quite a steep winding road to it guarantee the absence of a large number of people on the coast. This place is perfect for a quiet secluded holiday in the arms of almost untouched nature with fantastic views of mount Athos. And how beautiful the sunrises are here!

Goa has not a large size, but offers vacationers both an organized rest in the beach bar area, and on a free part of the coast, where you can sit under your own umbrella on a towel and enjoy the beautiful scenery. In the southern part of the coast beach bar Goa is located, where you can use the sun loungers and beach umbrellas. There are toilets, showers and changing stalls, and the way to the bar itself is covered with deck boards. Goa beach bar is decorated in a very unusual way: at its very beginning on the pillars of a thatched arch the signs are fixed, which are turned towards the most popular tourist destinations. The deck of planks leads to the bar — the terrace with tables is almost entirely made of wood and straw and decorated with unusual African masks and statues. Here you can have a snack, order soft drinks and cocktails or just have a cup of coffee. On Saturdays, Goa beach hosts beach parties, thanks to which this stretch of the seaside is so popular among young people.  

How to get

Goa beach is located about two kilometers to the south of Sarti. It is quite easy to find a way to this place: the beach is located approximately in the middle between the villages of Sarti and Sykia on the eastern side of Sithonia. When you drive along the main road from Ormos Panagias and Vourvourou to the south, pay attention to the road signs. As you drive up the hill after Sarti, you will notice a pointer indicating a turn towards the sea. Now you will have to descend along a soil road, which is 500 m. long. There is a free parking at the entrance to the beach.


  • Consider that the seabed of Goa beach is rocky, so do not forget to bring slippers for swimming in order not to hurt your feet on the underwater rocks.
  • Since the seabed is various here, the sea urchins can hide in its hollows — remember this if you decide to dive with a mask or swim without special shoes.
  • There is no entertainment for children on the beach — if you come on holiday with small family members, it is better to look for other, more organized beaches in the vicinity.

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Goa Beach

(Γκόα Παραλία, Goa Beach)
  • Sarti, Greece

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