Kallithea Beach
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Greece’s Halkidiki Peninsula is the ultimate destination for a holiday by the sea. Whether you’re after a lively beach with plenty of amenities or a more secluded spot to relax and take in the beauty of nature, you’ll find it here. The first «finger» of Halkidiki is Kassandra, home to the popular Kallithea beach, near the village of the same name. It’s the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean.


The Kallithea resort is arguably one of the most visited places on the Halkidiki peninsula. It boasts a large selection of hotels, supermarkets, souvenir shops, and stunning scenery that draw visitors from all over the world. Historical enthusiasts can explore the ruins of the temple of Zeus Ammon from the bronze age, the sanctuary of Dionysus, ancient baths, and an amphitheater from the Roman era. From the observation deck, one can enjoy a magnificent view of the gulf of Goroneia and the coasts of Sithonia. Kalifei beach offers something for everyone — from those who just want to relax in the soft sand under the mediterranean sun, to those who desire to partake in exciting water activities.


This picturesque spot is situated at the base of the city, reached by a sloped path. Though this may appear to be a drawback, it is actually a bonus of the place — it is organised so well that it imparts a feeling of a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere. You can admire the scenery of the verdant hills from behind and the tranquil turquoise of the sea in front.

The beach at Kallithea is teeming with amenities! You will find umbrellas and loungers, changing cabins, showers, sports fields, a water sports center, and many beach bars and taverns. It can get quite crowded during the summer months, but fortunately, there is plenty of space to find a spot with less people. The beach is also kept pristine and is recognized with the prestigious Blue flag award each year.

The shore

The beach along the coast stretches out long and wide. Soft white sand, so pure, sparkles in the light of the sun, like a thousand tiny diamonds. There are no unexpected drops or stones in the water; instead, the crystal clear waves remain delightfully warm. This is the perfect holiday spot for all, whether it be young people or families with children. Toroneos bay is situated in a strategic location, so the water is usually calm. The air is fragrant with the scent of coniferous trees and the shells the kids find while playing in the sand make them beam. You can enjoy various water activities, or grab a drink from the beach bars.


On vacation, it’s easy to find a fun activity according to your liking. The water sports center proposes water skiing, canoeing,"banana" and catamaran rides. On the beach of Kalifeya, volleyball courts are also accessible.


The beach of Kallithea promises a great experience for everyone, with comfortable sun beds and magnificent views. Beach bars and restaurants are available, offering the chance to refresh with drinks and cocktails, away from the hot sun.

Kallithea is a popular tourist destination for many looking for a great holiday experience. The village has everything you need for a top-notch vacation, from a multitude of shops to eateries, souvenir shops, fur boutiques and more. It is especially renowned with the younger crowd, boasting a great selection of night clubs, bars and discos.

Heading to the village from Thessaloniki airport by car is a breeze. You will drive to the midpoint of the Kassandra peninsula, take a left turn and you are there. To get to the beach, you can either take the long, steep staircase or a few simpler paths down the hill, which take around 5–7 minutes


If you are a fan of coffee, make sure to stop by some of the pastry shops for a cup and a few traditional treats. Plus, many beach bars offer free sunbeds and umbrellas when you buy a drink — a neat bonus!

Come to Kallithea and witness the breathtaking beauty and calm atmosphere! It’s the perfect spot to take a break and unwind. You won’t regret it!