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Sithonia, the middle “finger” of the Chalkidiki peninsula, is a real corner of paradise where the bright colors of nature are fantastically combined. The rich greenery of the trees, which approach directly to the water in many places, a gentle blue colour of the sea and white soft sand — many beaches of Sithonia have the international "Blue flag" award. It is annually given to the best beaches for the exceptional quality of water, their purity and arrangement of beaches along with the environmental friendliness. One of the beaches that are popular with both tourists and Greeks is the Kalogria beach.

Almost at the very beginning of the picturesque Sithonia, on the coast of the Toroneos Gulf there is the beach of Kalogria. Gently embracing the azure waters of the Aegean sea, this stretch of sea coast has all the necessary conditions for recreation.  

What you need to know about Kalogria beach in Greece

The very name of the beach means "a nun", and some common features between these notions, which seem completely different, are really noticeable. Quiet and modest, like a nun, secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city, but at the same time extraordinarily beautiful Kalogria beach is a stunning place not only for a relaxing beach holiday. Here you can meet a delightful sunset, inherent in this part of Chalkidiki, which brought Kalogria popularity not only among lovers of romance, but also among creative natures.   

On the narrow, but quite long beach line of the Kalogria beach, there is a place for families with children as well as for those who love noisy and fun holidays. Due to the smooth entry into the water and the absence of sudden changes in depth and strong waves, swimming with the kids here is absolutely safe, and the clean soft sand on the shore is a real playground for the creativity of young builders.

The territory of Kalogria beach is quite multifarious. The major part of the coast is covered with fine clean sand. But there are some places where the smoothed by the waves of the sea, stones point upwards from the water, and the sand is mixed with small pebbles. On the edges of the beach, you can find small crags, near which you can often see fans of snorkeling. Standing in the center of the beach, you can see a small island in the sea not far from the shore. The most courageous and confident swimmers get there by swimming, but you can also do it on a catamaran. From this place, you can make beautiful panoramic photos of Kalogria. Moreover, it is a great place for sunbathing away from the noisy crowds of tourists. 

Just beyond the sand line, the beach is surrounded by tall emerald pines, which create shade for sunbeds and complement an already beautiful picture of the picturesque coast with their vivid greenery. 

Infrastructure and entertainment

There are several bars on the beach, the territory of which is equipped with sun loungers, beach umbrellas, showers and toilets. The central part of the coast is occupied by Mango Beach bar — modern dance music, food and soft drinks are on the menu, but the system "sun lounger for a cocktail" does not work here. Having chosen the beach bar Mango for you rest, you need to pay for a sunbed, and the payment depends on how far from the sea the sun lounger is located. A small part of the sum will be a fee for the sun lounger, and the rest you can spend on food and drinks at the bar. Sun beds are equipped with mattresses and are very comfortable for relaxation. In the height of the season it will be possible to take a free sun lounger in this part of the coast only early in the morning. 

Another bar — the Isla Beach bar — is located away from the center of Kalogria beach and offers lower prices for food, drinks and sun loungers. The music is quieter and the atmosphere is calm here. But it is enough space on the beach to relax without sunbeds and other benefits — here the lovers of a more private beach holiday rest away from large crowds and loud music, on mats and towels, under their own umbrellas and without them. In any case, on each part of the beach there is a place for both organized and wild leisure by the sea. Not far from the beach of Kalogria there are a couple of taverns and a same-name hotel, which provides free sunbeds on the beach for its guests.  

In the central part of Kalogria beach, you can rent a catamaran or a boat and go for a small voyage through the picturesque lagoon. The outskirts of the beach will appeal to fans of snorkeling — the incredibly clear water of Toroneos Gulf in this place allows you to see the beautiful bottom of the sea and get acquainted with the underwater inhabitants.     

The Kalogria coast is located 7 kilometres from Nikiti, on the western side of Sithonia in Chalkidiki. In order to get to the beach, you need to move from Nikiti into the inland of Sithonia, having turned at the road fork towards Neos Marmaras. After the sign indicating the way to Kalogria, you need to turn right and drive forward for about 500 metres along the asphalt road. 

Kalogria beach is located very close to the main road. When you see the pointer, turn towards the sea and you will find yourself quite close to the beach. The parking is located directly along the road. In high season, it is better to arrive here in the morning, because it is not so easy to find a free place for the car in the late morning. 


  • Kalogria is a very popular beach, so there are always a lot of tourists here. If you plan to visit it during your vacation in Sithonia in the height of summer season, you should plan a trip in the morning. Thus, you will have an opportunity to park your car in the right place and to choose the sun loungers you like on the beach. 
  • If you manage to arrive early, take the opportunity to park your car in the shade of the trees.
  • Those who do not plan to relax on the sun loungers under the umbrellas of beach bars, should bring a mat or a towel, and take care of a snack, especially if you visit the seaside with children.
  • Don't forget to bring suncream and sun hats.