Karidi Beach
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Soft white sand, the turquoise sea, and the water-cut rocks of the Karidi Beach annually attract the enthusiasts of pristine nature. It is a wild beach. Thus, nobody will offer you to rent a sunbed. The branches of pine trees create a pleasant shade to hide in on hot weather. There are no shower and dressing cubicles on the beach. However, thousands of travelers annually come here. What for? Let us see.

Karidi Beach review

Karidi is a bay, framed by the picturesque rocks and boulders. The beach is surrounded by a pine tree forest. It is famous for its white velvet sand and transparent shallow waters. There are practically no waves here. Since the depth increases only 50 meters away from the shore, the water here is warm enough for a swim.

The bay is an excellent choice for a family vacation. That is why the beach is always full of visitors during the holiday season. You should better come here either in the morning or in the evening. Otherwise, you will swim in “a kiddy pool.” Moreover, in the afternoon the beach area is always busy with visitors. Thus you will hardly find a free place for you there.

Considering that Karidi is a wild beach, you will not find sunbeds, shower, and dressing cubicles here. At the same time, this destination allows you to bask in the sun, enjoy a swim, and take several terrific pictures without paying extra charges.

Besides, if you are about to travel using a private vehicle, you should note that Karidi Beach provides no parking space with proper facilities. It is another reason why you should better come here either in the morning or in the evening. It will be quite difficult to park a car at peak hours.

Karidi Beach – Vourvourou Sithonia entertainment

The range of facilities for entertainment on the beach is not diverse. Although recreation within the bay area is of high demand, its infrastructure includes only several food trucks with hot dogs and refreshment beverages. There is also the fish restaurant Melia, sitting 10 meters away from the shore.

In a 1.5 kilometer distance (about 25 minutes by foot), you can find another resort settlement, Vourvourou. This destination offers speedboat, boat, and catamaran rental facilities. Moreover, you can try a kayak tour or go in for diving here.

In general, Sithonia is a configuration of a few tens of the most beautiful bays and beaches. And, of course, numerous taverns, hotel complexes, and water sports facilities. You will not find it difficult to find entertainment for your taste here, especially if you travel by private or rental vehicle.

Karidi Beach enjoys a convenient location in Sithonia (the second “finger” of the Halkidiki Peninsula), on the coats of Vourvourou, split into a few more “paradise” areas for recreation.

There are several ways to reach Karidi Beach from Thessaloniki:

  • to hire a car, to call for a taxi or book a transfer. The travel time is about two hours (115 km);
  • to catch a scheduled bus and get off it at the K.T.E.L. Halkidikis bus station. After that, catch a direct bus to Vourvourou. The bay is easy to access on foot. A walk will take you about 25 minutes. The beach sits at the eastern end of the settlement.


  • Since the Karidi Beach is busy with visitors during a holiday season, we highly recommend that you come here in May or in middle September. If you do not have such an opportunity, then plan a visit to the beach during morning hours. If you are late, you will hardly find a comfortable place for both relaxation and parking your car (if you travel using a private vehicle);
  • Pay attention that Karidi is a wild beach. Thus, you need to take a beach umbrella, a sunbed, and a blanket with you. The nearest shop sits at a distance. If you are not a fan of hot-dogs and hamburgers, you will need to take some food as well;
  • While planning a trip to Karidi Beach, do not forget to take a diving mask. Both the surrounding and underwater landscapes here are amazing.