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Sunny Greece that is washed by several seas from different sides is a real paradise for a relaxing holiday on the seacoast. One of the most popular destinations of beach tourism is the middle "finger" of Halkidiki — Sithonia. Picturesque nature, a large number of small romantic coves, an ideal location that hides the resorts from the winds and bad weather — what could be better? Kavourotripes, which is located on the eastern coast of the peninsula near the Platanisi beach, is especially popular among the variety of beach resorts of Sithonia.

“The Crab holes”

Along with the main name, Kavourotripes is often called Portokali beach or Orange beach. Such names are not accidental: Portokali means "orange", the English-language name that is attached to the beach comes from it. This is really one of the most unusual corners of Sithonia, where an extraordinary combination of natural colors creates pictures from fantastic films. Crystal-clear water of a gentle turquoise hue, white sand, bright greenery of the surrounding pine trees combined with white-orange rocks of bizarre shapes amaze the imagination and attract tourists, like a magnet, to laze in the sun and explore the underwater world. "Kavourotripes" means "burrows of crabs" — this name was given to the area for the similarity of its bizarre rocks to the underwater dwellings of these crustaceans. During a long time the existence of the beach, sea waves have been making many holes in the coastal stones, smoothing their surface and painting many of them into orange color.

Kavourotripes is actually not one beach, but several coves of different sizes, among which there are both organized beaches and more secluded places. 

Infrastructure and main features

Kavourotripes is particularly popular among tourists of Sithonia not only for its natural beauty, but also for the opportunity to choose a place that you like for a rest. It is here where you can feel the harmony with nature, if you have chosen a remote cove. And you can enjoy a fun holiday in the hangout of the same enraptured tourists on the main beach — Portokali, which offers everything you need to relax by the sea. 

In the small beach bar, you can buy refreshing drinks and snacks. Besides, clients of the beach bar get free sun loungers and umbrellas. However, keep in mind that there are no restaurants and minimarkets nearby, so if you go here with children, provide them with some snack options. 

By the way, the Kavourotripes beach is a very suitable place for a rest with small children. Of course, there is no waterpark, water slides or other similar entertainment here, but clean water, soft white sand and a smooth entrance to the water more than overweight this disadvantage. Due to its convenient location and the presence of many coves, this stretch of coastline boasts a calm sea without strong waves, winds and sudden changes of depth. 

In addition to the Orange beach, there are several smaller and more isolated beaches and cozy coves. Since Kavourotripes is very popular among tourists, it is quite not easy to find a free sun lounger and a comfortable place on the main beach especially during the high season. However, do not despair — several kilometres of coastline are literally lined with bays and beaches of different sizes. They are not equipped with sun loungers and bars, but it is in such places, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where you can completely relax and enjoy the communication with nature. 

Kavourotripes is surrounded by tall emerald pines from the shore, which not only fill the air with useful phytoncides, but also create a shadow, where many tourists put up their tents, and stay to relax on the beach even at night.         

What's around

Kavourotripes is located off the highway leading from Vourvourou to Sarti. There are no settlements in the direct neighbourhood, which makes this place secluded and authentic, giving people the opportunity to enjoy the silence. Sarti is about 15 minutes’ drive away. 

The beach is surrounded by a pine forest, creating a dizzying aroma. Moreover, this place offers a unique view of the Holy mount Athos.

You can reach the Kavourotripes beach on Sithonia, Halkidiki by a rented car, taxi or public transport. From Sarti you can go by bus — it takes a little more than 10 minutes. Some vacationers take the opportunity to get wants and needs met and go here by cruising launch.  

The distance from Vourvourou is about 23 kilometres. If you get there yourself, pay attention to the road signs — along the road, closer to Sarti, you will see signs that will help you to navigate. The road from Sarti also will not cause difficulties — when you reach the pointers to the asphalt exit from the highway to Platanisi beach, drive forward for about one kilometre. The first earth exit into the pine forest will lead you to the descent to the Orange beach.  

Having left the car at the exit from the road under the pine trees, go on foot down to the sea. You will have to go down rocky paths, about 200-300 metres, so if this process causes you difficulties, think about other places to relax.  


  • In order to take a sunlounger or choose a cove you like, you should arrive early in the morning, because Kavourotripes is always crowded. 
  • Incredibly clear water of fantastic turquoise hue is a great opportunity to practice snorkeling and to see the underwater world. 
  • Considering that the beach is located much lower than the level of the road and has no access roads, you will have to leave the car up near the road. The undoubted advantage of such location is free parking of your car. But be careful — over the noise of bathing people and loud music from the bar you can miss the sounds of the alarm. In order to avoid unpleasant incidents do not leave the car open and valuables in plain view.
  • Please note that the toilets are located only at the top, near the parking area, there are no such facilities on the beaches.
  • Prepare comfortable shoes in advance, as it is necessary to go down the rocky paths to the beaches. If you plan to relax not on Portokali but in a separate bay, grab a beach mat and sun umbrella, as you can find sun loungers and umbrellas only on the main beach. Moreover, as there are no rescuers and medical centre here, it would be good to have a small first aid kit with the most necessary first aid supplies, especially if you are on vacation with children.
  • Since there are many beaches, there is a naturist one among them, as it is stated on the sign. Be careful when choosing a place to stay for a rest.