Komitsa Beach
Nea Roda
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How to get

The combination of white sand, the purest turquoise waters and a view of Mount Athos make this beach truly unforgettable.

Beach features

Comitsa beach in Halkidiki actually consists of two beaches divided by rocks into an organized and an unorganized part. Organized Comitsa is an area with coarse sand, which has a length of 800 metres. Unorganized Comitsa is more extended — about 2 kilometres and it has a narrow coastline. There are usually fewer people at this part of the beach. It is suitable for tourists who prefer to stay in tents near the sea. For those people who are looking for solitude and privacy. Here the sand is coarse and there are a lot of seashells. 

The sea in this part of Halkidiki is calm and quiet, with a gentle entrance.


On the left side of the beach, there are villas and a campsite equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom. There is also a mini market at the territory.

On the western side of the organized part of the beach, you will find a tavern with a beach bar and a children's playground. 

In close vicinity to the beach, there is a salt lake that is full of turtles and crabs. This is an interesting place for diving and fishing. 

About the place

The beach is perfect for family vacation, even with small children.

Comitsa is surrounded by a green array on both sides. Here you can make quite picturesque photos.

Comitsa is a beach near the northeastern border of Mount Athos. It is only 5 km from Nea Roda and about 8 km from the city of Ouranoupolis.

The road to the organized part of the beach is paved and starts at the end of Nea Roda. Follow the signs.

In order to get to the wild part of the beach, follow the earth-road that was laid by the other visitors further from the organized Comitsa.


Bring beach supplies: towels, sun cream and a diving mask. And even the fishing rod will be useful on the beach of Comitsa in Ouranoupoli!