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Lagomandra Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Sithonia, which boasts an eco-labeled award, the iconic “Blue Flag,” which was given by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). The beach sits 7 kilometers from the village of Neos Marmaras, in a 14-kilometer distance from Nikiti, and almost 100 kilometers away from Thessaloniki.

The peculiarities of Lagomandra Beach Halkidiki

A traveler cannot miss noticing Lagomandra Beach. The turquoise waves of the Aegean Sea, shining under the sun, and beautiful nature are seen even from a distance of a few tens of meters away. This destination has it all for a relaxing holiday far away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city: the velvety soft sand, crystal pure sea waters, small rocks, and lush pine-trees, surrounding the coastline. There is no wonder that Lagomandra Beach in Sithonia is considered to be one of the most beautiful ones in Halkidiki. Moreover, it has a well-developed infrastructure.

Lagomandra Beach stretches for about 1 kilometer away. It has a smoothly deepening entry. Two small capes split the territory of the beach into three parts. Which one is the best for relaxation?

The southern part of the beach is more spacious and less crowded. You can see a small forest growing along its coast. The pine trees and olive trees create a pleasant shadу, where you can hide from the sun and arrange a picnic. It is the most favorite place for relaxation among the Greeks. That is why you can see a lot of bright umbrellas and towels here. The water level here is low, which makes the beach a perfect choice for a family holiday.

The middle part of the beach is mostly used by the guests of the two hotels, which stand nearby. Nevertheless, any traveler can rent a sunbed and an umbrella here. Note that the prices here are quite high – from €10 per place. The visitors of the Lagomandra Beach bar can use the sun loungers and umbrellas for free. The northern part of the beach is the smallest one. It cannot boast crowds of visitors.


If you do not like to soak in the sun seven days a week, you can go in for water sports. Diving is the most popular option among travelers. Moreover, you do not need to have special equipment – just put on the snorkeling mask and enjoy the underwater panoramas.

The southern part of the beach provides travelers with boat and jet boat rental facilities. They can also go in for tennis and volleyball here. In the case, if you take a shuttlecock and rackets on holiday, you can play badminton here as well.

The central beach area houses a beach bar, sunbeds, cabanas, and WC. Although you can hardly see high waves here, the beach has beach-rescue workers. Within a short ride, you can find a minimarket, restaurants, and taverns. They offer not only mouthwatering cuisine dishes but also a relaxing atmosphere. Some of the dining venues of Sithonia feature spacious terraces, providing breathtaking views of the area. You are guaranteed all-rounded pleasure from both tasty meals and panoramas.

If you fall in love with this destination at first sight and wish to stay for a couple of days here, you can accommodate in one of the nearby hotels. In a 250-meter distance from the beach, there is a 4-star Lagomandra Hotel and Spa and the Lagomandra Beach Hotel. Take a 15-minute ride, and enjoy the comfort of the hotel complexes Akti Alegra III and Petros Italos.

The easiest way to get into the area is by car. Sithonia provides the roads of excellent quality. However, they are full of meandering turnings. Lagomandra Beach sits in the west of the Sithonia peninsula, between the settlements of Nikiti and Neos Marmaras: right next to Elia Beach (if you travel from Nikiti) or next to Tripotamos beach (if you travel from Neos Marmaras). Both routes have road signs, which make the beach easy to find.

The beach does not provide a separate parking lot. You can leave your vehicle by road.


  • Since the shallow bottom in the northern area ends in a short distance, you should keep an eye on your children while they enjoy a swim. In a 25-30-meter distance, the depth increases significantly.
  • There are a lot of rocks by the sea. You can easily hurt yourself. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, you should have a swim far from the rocks. At the same time, if the rocky areas are a great place for diving.
  • There are no restaurants and shops on the beach. That is why it is highly recommended that you take some snacks and water with you.
  • If you do not want to spend your money on sunbeds and umbrellas at the central beach every day, you can buy them at the shops by the road, leading to Lagomandra Beach.