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The magic beauty of Sithonia will not allow any guest of the Halkidiki peninsula to stay indifferent. Picturesque nature, gentle waters of the Aegean sea and real Greek hospitality — it is a perfect combination for a memorable holiday in sunny Greece.

Almost at the very beginning of Sithonia, close to the popular tourist harbour of Ormos Panagias, one of the most beautiful beaches of Eastern Sithonia is located — it is the beach of Lagonisi. If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy the Greek sun and azure waters of the Singitikos gulf, as well as wander along the picturesque coast, wade to a small island near the shore, take unforgettable photos and just have fun with the whole family — feel free to go to Lagonisi! 

The specific features of the beach 

Lagonisi beach on Sithonia is rather outstretched and has a curved shape, because it is located in the lagoon. The water in the bay has a tender-turquoise hue, which together with the greenery and light sand on the shore turns this beach into an unusually picturesque place. The entrance to the water is smooth, the depth increases quite gradually, so that the sea is perfectly warmed by the rays of the sun. In some places, when entering the water, you can see that the bottom is a little rocky, but just a few steps further the stones are replaced by soft white sand. Thanks to the nearby island of Diaporos and other smaller islands of this archipelago, there are no strong winds and high waves in Lagonisi — it is just a perfect place to relax with children! 

Lagonisi consists of the main beach and several small bays, but its main feature is a small rocky island near the shore. A thin sandbar on the right side of the beach leads to it, and behind the sandbar, some small private coves are comfortably hidden.  

The beach has a semicircular shape and there is an island that is located at the entrance to the lagoon and is covered with greenery, which complements the photos quite well. Due to these facts, the beach seems to be situated on the shore of an unusually beautiful lake — even small waves are not a daily event here.  

What is on the coast of Lagonisi

Just a few years ago, Lagonisi beach in Halkidiki was wild, but now the major part it is organized for comfortable recreation. There is a beach bar on Lagonisi coast, which allows sun loungers and beach umbrellas for a fixed fee. Driving up here, you can see a secure parking zone as well — the cost of it is included in the price of sunbeds in the bar. The price of the sun loungers depends on their location, the sum paid can be used to buy drinks at the bar. Lagonisi beach is equipped with toilets and showers, and the bar offers snacks, soft drinks and coffee.

Although the main part of Lagonisi beach is arranged by beach bars, there is also enough place for individual relaxation with your own umbrella and beach mats. You will not hear too loud music on Lagonisi, but if you still prefer to relax away from the beach bars, then you will surely like the stretches of wild beach located to the left of the bar. On the right, behind the sand bar, which leads to the stone island, you can see small beaches — even despite the presence of some rocks on them, the entrance to the water is sandy here. So, if you are looking for a secluded place where you can comfortably relax — pay attention to these mini-beaches, but keep in mind that you need to occupy them early in the morning.  

Lagonisi and the surrounding area

If you are going to spend the whole day on Lagonisi, consider that there is only a beach bar where you can eat sandwiches, French fries, order a cocktail or eat an ice cream. There are no restaurants or mini markets near the beach, as Lagonisi is very close to Ormos Panagias. At this resort you will find everything you need for a holiday — shops, cafes, restaurants, apartments, as well as the main local attraction — the Byzantine church of the Virgin.  

Several villas are located in close proximity to the beach. There is no public transport here, so you will definitely need to rent a car for the period of rest at Lagonisi, if you plan to move around the peninsula a lot. 

It is a good idea to go to Ormos Panagias not only in order to do shopping in the store, but also for fresh fish and shrimp from the local fishermen — there is a fish market right on the coast where fresh seafood is sold. From the port of Ormos Panagias cruise boats and yachts apart for excursions — they offer not only to sail round the peninsula of Halkidiki, but also to come close to the Holy peninsula of Athos, and to see from the deck the sparkling in the sun tops of its monasteries.

In order to reach Lagonisi beach by car, follow the main Sithonia road from Ormos Panagias towards the village of Vourvourou. First, look for the sign leading to the beach of Latoura. After you turn towards it, you need to drive a few hundred metres. Next, you will see the "Lagonisi Beach Bar" sign, which leads to the beach of Lagonisi.

When driving up to the beach, mind that you can park your car at the beach bar parking if you are going to use the beach bar facilities. If you continue to drive to the right along the unpaved road, you will find a free place for your car outside the parking lot. 


  • When you enter the sea note that the shallow water gives way to some deeper places and then it becomes shallow again. In the strip with underwater plants, you can accidentally stumble upon sea urchins, so try to watch carefully your steps or swim across such places. 
  • The island that is located near the shore is completely of stone, although it has a bit of greenery — there you can make great photos. And you can watch crabs and sea urchins, if you choose the right place. 
  • Walking in the area of small beaches located behind the sandbar, pay attention to the stones — the seawater and air have worked on their shape and gave them amazing lineaments and fantastic patterns.