Nikiti Beach
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Nikiti beach in Sithonia is one of the most convenient beaches for children. The beach has the award "Blue flag" that is given by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). It is located near the same-name village, 103 km from Thessaloniki and 36 km from Polygyros — the capital city of the peninsula.

The main features of Nikiti beach

As far back as 10 years ago, travelers were rare to see here. But even then Nikiti beach in Halkidiki was the favourite one for the local Greeks. And this is not surprising. It is quiet, peaceful and very beautiful here. Besides, it is shallow water almost along the entire coastline. That is why children like this beach so much — here they can spend hours splashing in clear turquoise-emerald waves. At the same time, rescuers are constantly on duty here, which means that there is no reason to worry about the kids.

Although the length of the beach is almost 4 km, the sandy strip is not more than 10 meters wide. On the one hand, this is a disadvantage. During the season, Nikiti beach has a lot of umbrellas and sun loungers. That is why it takes long time to wander in search of a free place. By the way, for this reason, travelers recommend to seat on the southern outskirts of the coast, which is more wild and secluded. On the other hand, a large number of people means that the beach of Nikiti in Greece is really very popular and therefore it is comfortable.

The entrance to the water is gentle. Almost all the territory of the Nikiti coast is covered with white and very clean sand. But from time to time you can meet some pebbles with stones under your feet as well. You can also accidentally step on them in the water. Almost along the entire coastline, there is a small pine forest. Thus, here you can not only sunbathe in the generous Greek sun, but also organize a picnic in the shade.


Sunbeds and sun loungers are free for all visitors of the Nikiti beach bar. But, of course, this is not the only advantage of Nikiti beach in Sithonia. Here you can rent banana boats and catamarans, book a tour on a pleasure yacht and even go diving. Several instructors are on duty at the beach. They will gladly organize deep diving for everyone and will show Nikiti from a new side. There are a playground and various attractions on the waterfront. You can play beach volleyball, too.

Would you like to see Nikiti from the sea? No problem. Near the beach, there is a wharf with yachts and sailboats of different sizes for every budget.

Within a two-minute walk, there are minimarkets, restaurants, taverns and cafes, which are located along the promenade. Each of the establishments will delight you with local cuisine and fish cooked in a signature recipe, Greek cheeses, olives, wine and yogurt.

Those who have sweet tooth should explore Gelateria Ksilaki and taste homemade ice cream. You can enjoy tasty seafood meals at Mare Nostrum and fast food at Gyromania. In the evening, the most fantastic views of the sunset over the Toroneos gulf open from the terraces of restaurants of Stamnagathi, PARIS Restaurant and Barbouni Seafood. By the way, an incredibly beautiful road stretches along the seafront — it is a bit alike with the promenade of California. As the night is closer, this district comes alive and seems just fabulous in the light of the lanterns.

In addition, there are many different hotels and complexes near the beach. And after a rest on the sand and lunch, you can visit the old village of Nikiti and learn some stories about this place. 


The beach is located in the west of the small seaside town of Nikiti. And down to the coast, the locals moved only in the early 20th century. Before that, from the early 1300s, people had been living in an old village that is not visible from the sea. The locals and refugees of the coastal settlements in Elia, Castri and Agios Georgios, who were tired of pirates, quickly took a fancy to this territory. The village was emptied in 1821, when it was burnt by Turkish soldiers.

In 1912, after the liberation of Greece from the Ottoman Empire, Nikiti continued to develop. But at that time people began to build houses near the sea.

The tourist boom in the late 20th century forced the locals to restore and rebuild the old village. In addition, they have created comfortable conditions for relaxing on the beach.

Thousands of travelers come to the old village every year to enjoy the traditional architecture and local flavor. However, there are just two establishments here. And the most interesting sights are the Church of St. Nikita, the cemetery church and the Folklore museum.

From Thessaloniki, you can get to Nikiti by regular buses or by rental transport. When you reach the traffic lights in the city, you need to turn right and drive straight to the beach. The car parking is located near the seafront.


  • Wear rubber aqua shoes. In the water, you can accidentally step on a sea urchin or small stones.
  • In order to save on diving lessons, bring flippers and a scuba mask.