Orange Beach
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Have you ever dreamt of the perfect beach holiday? Sithonia’s Orange beach (located in Kavurotripes) could be the paradise you desire! This wonderful location will capture you with its brilliant blue water and soft white sand. The coastline is broken up into tiny beaches and coves surrounded by white rocks of unique forms — a gorgeous backdrop for your ig pics! Near the coast, pine trees provide relief from the sun and add to the beauty of this tranquil spot.

Orange beach is a great spot for everyone; whether it’s for a romantic outing with your significant other, or an enjoyable day with family or friends, it’s all the same; everyone will be able to find something to enjoy! Additionally, there is a nearby bar where you can purchase drinks and snacks, however, we suggest bringing your own food and drinks, as the selection at the bar is limited.

If you’re looking to escape the throngs of tourists during peak season (July-August), you should really consider visiting Orange beach on Sithonia in either May-June or September. Even though you’ll still get some gorgeous sunny days, you’ll enjoy a noticeably less crowded environment- which can be a real lifesaver.

As you make your way down the highway, coming from the beginning of Sithonia, you will come across a sign to the sea. It’s pointing you towards Kavourotripes and Portokali (Orange in greek). Don’t hesitate and turn off. You’ll need to drive for a bit on an unpaved road before finding a suitable spot to park. Then, you’ll have to make your way down the slope to the beach, which can only be accessed on foot. Finally, you’ll have to choose your spot — whether it’s the central beach, or a secluded bay.


  • It is suggested to stay away from the peak season, so May-June or September-October would be more suitable.
  • Prepare for comfort ahead of time. It is wise to bring umbrellas in case you do not find a pleasant shady spot. Have snacks and drinks with you as the beach bar won’t have much of a selection. You can be on the beach all day, so be ready.