Ouranoupolis Beach
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Located on the border with the monastic state of Athos, the city of Ouranoupoli is a paradise for a relaxing holiday. These are places of amazing beauty. And not only the scenery is beautiful here, but also the coastline. The beaches made Ouranoupoli famous, having turned it into one of the best holiday destinations on the peninsula of Halkidiki.

Beach features

The beaches of Ouranoupoli in Halkidiki extend for 5 km from Tripiti to Ouranoupoli (Ouranoupolis) itself. The coast is worth a walk to choose a place for relaxing: in addition to the central part you can find secluded bays here. In some areas, the coast is narrow, in others it is wide and spacious. The beach is covered with golden sand mixed with small pebbles. The coast of Ouranoupoli is surrounded by hills covered with greenery. The entrance to the water is gentle, the sea is calm and clear. The beaches of Ouranoupoli have got the Blue flag for their cleanliness.


Ouranoupoli beach is equipped with all necessary infrastructure for recreation. There are umbrellas and sun loungers, taverns and restaurants, beach bars, hotels, campsite and showers. Several water sports centers are open on the coast, where you can rent boats, catamarans, take equipment for diving and surfing. The beach is suitable for people with special needs.

From Ouranoupoli beach, pleasure boats sail to Saint Athos. Men can go ashore and see the life of the monastic state from the inside. And women can watch Mount Athos from the sea. Another kind of a day trip is a cruise to the island of Ammouliani, which is also known as a hidden pearl of Halkidiki. Here you will find exotic beaches, excellent diving and some of the best fish taverns in this district.

From Ouranoupoli you can also pick up a boat out to the coast of the neighboring peninsula of Sithonia. The route includes stops at the beach of Vourvourou and at the island of Ammouliani.

About Ouranoupoli

Ouranoupoli beach is located in the same-name town near Saint Athos. But it is impossible to perceive it as a transit point on the way to the monastic state. This is a well-organized resort with an ancient history. It was founded by the military leader and philosopher Alexarhos, the brother of the king of Macedonia Kassander. 

For a long time, this land belonged to one of the Athos monasteries, but in 1922, refugees from Asia Minor came here. Some time later, Ouranoupoli turned into a popular resort. In addition to beach holidays, you can find several interesting attractions here: the monastery of Zygou (Frankish castle), the canal of Xerxes and the tower of Prosphorion, which was built during Byzantine times and became a symbol of Ouranoupoli.

Ouranoupoli is a perfect place for a relaxing holiday. There is no trace of the hustle and bustle of major resorts; nightlife is limited to performances of musicians in taverns. But there is no better place for evening walks along the seafront and watching the sunset.

Ouranoupoli is located 140 km from the center of Thessaloniki and 119 km from Macedonia airport. It will take you 2 hours to get to Ouranoupoli beach by a rental car. Travelling by public transport you will need changings. In order to get there from the airport, you will have to take the bus No. 79 from the terminal and get off at the IKEA stop. Here you will need to change to the bus No. 36, which goes to the bus station KTEL Halkidikis. From the bus station, buses run to Ouranoupoli several times a day.


  • To visit the Holy Mount Athos from Ouranoupoli you need to receive a visa.
  • If you are going to Ouranoupoli on holiday, consider that there are few large hotel complexes here. Here you will find mostly small hotels and apartments. There are only four 5-star hotels. 
  • While having a rest on the beach of Ouranoupoli, use a chance to visit the beaches of neighboring resorts: Koumitsa, Nea Roda, Ierissos — the picturesque peninsula of Athos is perfect for independent trips by car.