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Magnificent Sithonia is truly a tourist paradise of Halkidiki, where every vacationer will certainly find an amazing beach that meets all requirements and even exceeds any expectations. One of the most picturesque and comfortable, and therefore popular places with the guests of Halkidiki is the Platanitsi beach, which is located almost in the center of the eastern coast of the middle "finger" of the peninsula.  

Just 5 kilometres north of Sarti one of Sithonia's most beautiful beaches is located. Perfectly clear water of tender-turquoise hue, amazing scenery and fantastic views of mount Athos are not the only advantages that attract an increasing number of tourists every year: in close proximity to the beach there is a well-arranged same-name campsite, which controls this stretch of the coast. Lovers of relaxing holidays in unity with nature come here to stay away from the bustling resort towns and crowded hotels. 

Beach features 

Platanisi beach has a length of little over 500 meters and is located in a small natural harbor, although it is quite close to the easternmost point of Sithonia. The coast is mostly covered with coarse white sand, and the terrain is repeatedly changes throughout the coastline, smoothly varying to small coves or rather big smooth white stones, which greet the vacationers. On the sandy seabed, you can also find some places with stones, but the crystal clarity of the water allows you to notice them even at great depths. You can often meet waves on Platanitsi, so this beach is perfect for practicing various water sports. 

The beach is surrounded by trees, so you can easily reckon on natural shade during hot weather if you accidentally forgot an umbrella or decide not to rent a sun lounger with sun proof shelter on the beach. The entrance to the water in some parts of the seaside is gentle, but there are places where the depth quickly increases, so explore the selected place yourself before you let children swim in the water. 

In the center of the beach, there is a small canal, which often gets dry in summer. It conveniently divides Platanitsi into two parts: the left side of the beach is narrower, so you can quickly see a shortage of space, especially in high season. On the right, the stretch of the coast is much wider and more organized, that is why it is very popular with tourists. The beach is under the constant control of the coastguard.

Platanitsi is one of the best beaches in Sithonia that is evidenced by the presence of the "Blue flag" — this award is given only to the cleanest, most organized and safest beaches around the world. 

All about relaxing on Platanitsi beach

The half-kilometer coastline of Platanitsi is a great place not only for a one-day holiday on the beach but also for a long romantic vacation in tents on the territory of the campsite, which bears the same name. The camp has a large enough size and for a low fee offers vacationers all the necessary conditions — showers with hot water, toilets, fresh water, minimarket with low prices, parking and other services.

Platanitsi offers several areas for relaxation, so you will have an opportunity to choose a totally equipped part of the beach, or seclude on the wild part of it if you prefer to relax away from the beach bars. Beach bar Africafe is quite a well-known establishment in this area and it is popular with visitors. Beautiful design, cozy sofas, relaxing shade, cocktails, coffee and delicious cuisine are the main advantages of this restaurant on the beach. Having ordered even simple water in Africafe, each visitor gets the opportunity to use sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach throughout the day. Live music and DJ create an atmosphere of fun and attract young people to this part of the beach. Nearby you can find another beach bar, where you can get an umbrella and a sun lounger at a fixed fee, but there is no loud music here that will be much more comfortable for vacationers with young children. For those who are looking for delicious fast food meals, the Fast Food Platanitsi will be a real discovery — they serve delicious fresh food at reasonable prices. 

On the right side of the beach, the trees and beautiful white rocks are quite near the sea — this place is ideal for snorkeling. In the incredibly clear water, you can see the beauty of the underwater world — small starfish, sea urchins, flocks of colorful fish will diversify your holiday on this beach. And passing through the left side of Platanitsi, behind the rocks, you can find several smaller more secluded bays. 

Quite a large part of the beach away from the beach bars is free and suitable for individual recreation. During windy weather, you can see intense waves on Platanitsi, so many fans of water sports come to this place — the beach is perfect for practicing extreme wakeboarding, water skiing or a more relaxed diving. You can rattle your nerves with a fun ride on a banana or rent a water transport for independent sea walks.

If you prefer to travel by public transport, you can get to the Platanitsi beach from Thessaloniki by bus from the K. T. E. L. Halkidiki bus stop. It is much more comfortable to rent a car or take a taxi, in order not to waste precious time on transfers and waiting for buses. 

In order to get to Platanitsi by car, you need to move along the eastern coast of Sithonia — this section is located between the famous beaches of Kavourotripes and Sarti. The road signs pointing the way to the beach are clearly visible from the main road. If you will be moving to Platanitsi from the southern part of Sithonia, then focus on the appropriate pointer after Sarti, if you decide to get here after visiting Vourvourou and Orange beach, look for the exit from the main road shortly after the pointer to Kavourotripes beach.  

Parking for vehicles is available both on the territory and outside the campsite. If you decide not to drive to the camp parking, then you can get to the beach by walking about 200 meters along a path through a beautiful forest. If you choose a path leading to the right, you will find yourself near Africafe, and going along the path that leads forward, you will get to the central part of the beach.  


  • If you come with small children or prefer to spend the day in silence, the loud music of the beach bar Africafe can spoil your relaxing holiday. Look for a place away from the cafe or in the coves on the left side of the beach.
  • Climbing the cliffs to the left of the beach, you can take some impressive panoramic pictures of the coast, the magnificent blue of the sea and, of course, the eye-catching peaks of the Athos peninsula.
  • The sea on the right side of the beach has much less waves, as it is more protected from the winds. 
  • If you move along the sea from Platanitsi beach towards Sarti, you can have a great lunch in the Androklis dining room, which serves delicious dishes at very nice prices, and offers magnificent views of the coast. 
  • To the north of Platanitsi, before reaching Kavourotripes, there is a wild beach where nudists often rest — consider this when going for a walk along this stretch of coast.