Possidi Cape
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Azure waves, pristine white sands and an aura of tranquility — that’s why sightseers make their way to Cape Possidi (Poseidon). This sandbar on the shores of Kassandra is one of the most entrancing places on the Halkidiki Peninsula.

On the Kassandra Peninsula lies a place of awesome beauty, Cape Possidi. This serene site is often called «poseidon’s nose» due to its resemblance to the facial feature. Brought to life by the winds and sea waters, the cape’s shapes and sights vary from week to week, making it a favorite spot for photography enthusiasts. Azure seas, pure white sands, and a peaceful atmosphere are what bring people to this magical spot. A visit to Cape Possidi is truly a trip to a place of remarkable splendor.The total length of cape poseidon reaches 1 km, making it a site of wonder. It takes about 20 minutes to circumnavigate the cape, and it offers a unique experience. On one side, the sea is full of life and movement, while the other is tranquil, as if two different seas converge at the edge of Kassandra. The water is crystal-clear and the shore is filled with white sand interspersed with pebbles, making it an ideal place to enter the water.

A different atmosphere at Cape Possidi

If you’re looking to get away from the infrastructure and bustling tourism of major cities, then it is the perfect destination for a peaceful holiday. The area is so remote that there may be times where you won’t come across a single other person. Make sure to bring along a folding umbrella, a towel, water and some snacks to enjoy.

Nearest infrastructure

The nearest infrastructure is located in the nearby village of Posidi. Here you can find plenty of amenities such as taverns, pizzerias, coffee shops, hotels and apartments for rent, mini markets and souvenir shops. The central beach of Posidi is fully equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas for those who want to enjoy the sunshine. Water activities like diving, boating and catamaran rentals are also available. However, what you won’t find here are the loud and noisy nightclubs. People come to posidi for a more peaceful and tranquil vacation.

Historic sites to explore

On Kassandra, you can find plenty of fascinating relics. Cape Possidi has a 14-meter lighthouse, built in 1864 to help guide travelers in the area. It’s become a popular spot for photography, and is a well-known symbol of the village of Posidi.

You can also explore the ruins of the ancient city of Mendi. Built by eritreans, it was a place of worship for centuries due to the temple of Poseidon. Sadly, only a small part of it can be seen near the beach today.


Stroll along the shoreline and take a journey to the Aegeopelagitika area — awarded the Blue flag in 2017. To switch it up, a drive through the village of Kalandra, only 4 km from the shore, may be a great choice.

Many travelers make their way by car, driving up to the beach and then making their way on foot to the correct area. For those taking public transport, the journey begins in Thessaloniki. Buses leave from the city bus station to Ktel Halkidikis station, after which you can take a bus to Posidi. 


  • If you choose to drive to the Cape Possidi, it’s best to leave your car in the parking lot and not venture too far. The sand can easily get your car stuck, so it’s better to be safe.
  • If you plan to spend the day at the cape, make sure to bring a folding umbrella. There are no trees to provide any shade, so be ready to bask in the heat.
  • Cape Poseidon is one of the best spots on Kassandra to witness the sunset. If you can, make sure to stay until the evening so you can admire the beauty of the setting sun.