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The incredibly beautiful beaches of the Chalkidiki peninsula are famous far beyond the sunny Greece. The middle finger of the peninsula — Sithonia — is considered to be the most attractive place for a beach holiday, because the abundance and diversity of local beaches amazes even the most sophisticated tourists. One of the most beautiful places of Sithonia is Sykia beach — an authentic and very colorful place where you can combine a holiday with a small excursion to the past.  

For those who are tired of noisy beaches, which are crowded with vacationers, who do not want to get up and go to the coast in the early morning in order to take comfortable sun loungers by the water and park the car in a good place, Sykia is just a perfect place to relax. This is a quiet, secluded beach, which despite its beauty and the presence of high awards, is not very popular with tourists even during the high season. In this place, you can enjoy a relaxing holiday, beautiful scenery, stunning views of mount Athos, as well as take a walk to the village of Sykia, which has existed here for more than 6 centuries and is an authentic Greek settlement with traditional streets and buildings.  

In the southern part of the gulf of Sykia there are two small beaches, which are almost not visible from the main road. These two tiny beaches are called Linaraki and Tourkolimnionas. Linaraki is longer than Tourkolimnionas, although both stretches of the shore are quite narrow. The main advantage of these beaches is that they are very well protected from the eastern and southeastern winds that blow daily from Mount Athos.

Some special features of the beach

The Sykia beach on Sithonia is a great place for a fun and safe leisure with young children. Gentle sea bottom, shallow and well-warmed sea and soft sand on the shore will certainly appeal to young lovers of sea bathing. Located 3 kilometers from the same-name village, this sandy beach is popular among fans of a quiet family holiday by the sea. It occupies about one and a half kilometers of coast, which is about 30 meters wide. Sykia beach in Chalkidiki is the winner of the "Blue flag" award, which is given annually to the best beaches for the exceptional purity of the water and of the coast. The hills behind offer a magnificent view of the coast and mount Athos, during good weather you can even see the monasteries on its western part. 

Set in a beautiful lagoon, Sykia is framed by smooth crags at the edges, and behind is surrounded by green trees, which complement the beautiful landscape. 


The main part of Sykia refers more to the wild beaches, but there are also organized areas with a beach bar, sun loungers and umbrellas. A little above the coast line there are several campsites, taverns and bars where you can eat while relaxing by the sea. Tourists who traveling by medium vans prefer to park their wheeled houses right on the coast. On the beach you can not find children's attractions, trampolines and water slides, but you can rent a small boat and make a small voyage around the bays, or just dive with a mask — the purest clear water beckons to get acquainted with the underwater world. 

Not far from the beach there is a same-name village — quite a large settlement, where you can both go for a walk through the traditional narrow streets and admire the colorful buildings of the locals and rent a house for the period of rest on Sithonia. 

About the place where the beach is located

Just 3 kilometers separate the coast from the village of Sykia, where you can find everything you need during your holiday by the sea. There are cafes and taverns with delicious local cuisine, shops and private apartments for rent. Do not miss the opportunity to communicate with the hospitable locals, as well as to see the large number of local sites. 

The name of the village comes from a huge fig tree located at the beginning of the village. Walking through it, pay attention to its well-preserved architectural appearance — you will be surprised by the beautiful streets with old houses, each of which has a picturesque courtyard and small benches.

In the northern part of the village there is the Church of Saint Athanasius, built in 1814, which was destroyed 40 years later during the battle with the Turks, and a couple of years later it was rebuilt. You can see an old school building with columns, built in the late XIX century, very close to the Church.

Not far from the beach of Sykia you can find two old windmills, which were built in 1890. They are a real example of the regional folk architecture. From the beach, you can reach them on foot in just a few minutes. Both buildings are very close to each other. One of them has a well-preserved stone staircase leading to the top. 

  • If you are going to relax on the Sykia beach without renting a sun lounger and umbrella, bring a beach mat, umbrella and headdress. Don't forget the suncream.
  • Bring a mask with you — snorkeling in these places will bring you a lot of fun.
  • Do not miss the opportunity to walk along the shore of the bay in the late afternoon — picturesque small coves are very diverse here.
  • The beach is very convenient regarding many popular beaches in this part of Sithonia — take the chance to visit them.