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Tigania Beach

Sykia,Sithonia,Halkidiki Region,Central Macedonia,Greece

General information

Tigania beach is a little-known pearl of Sithonia. But the lovers of the quiet rest know that it is here where they can spend time far away from the crowds and enjoy the nature of the second “finger” of Halkidiki.

Beach features

Tigania beach in Halkidiki is divided into several small harbours. Some of them are equipped with sun loungers (there are few of them), other stay wild. The flow of vacationers increases only during the height of the season, at all other times Tigania is almost isolated from the hustle and bustle. Usually, the Greeks choose this beach for their rest, as the guests from other countries often do not know about this place. 

The coast of Tigania is covered with light clean sand and the entrance to the water is smooth. The sea near the shore is shallow and quiet; there are no waves, that is why this beach is recommended for family rest with children. You should pay attention that there are big boulders in the water but you can easily bypass them along a pleasant sandy bottom of the sea. So, this feature of Tigania does no harm for comfortable rest. 

The shore offers fascinating views of the surrounding hills and the peninsula of mount Athos that lies on the opposite side.


The infrastructure of Tigania beach in Sithonia is poorly developed: there are no showers here but there is a toilet. You can have lunch and order drinks in the only beach bar, which appeared recently. There aren’t any shops in close proximity where you can buy food and suncreams. That is why you should take everything you need with you. You can enjoy a good snorkeling around the rocks but you should beware of sea urchins there.   

About the resort of Sykia

The nearest resort to the beach of Tigania in Sithonia is Sykia. It is located on the spot of an ancient Neolithic settlement. The village has existed from the XIV century but it had another name then: the modern name was received during the Turkish rule. It is one of the oldest villages of Sithonia. The local inhabitants were famous for their military traditions and were active participants of all the rebellions on the peninsula of Halkidiki. 

Some historical sites have been preserved in Sykia: a building of an ancient school dating back to 1870, a temple of St. Athanasius that had been built in the beginning of the XIX century and later was reconstructed after the destruction, the ruins of the Byzantine temple and prehistoric fortress. The architecture of the historical part of Sykia is of a great interest as well. It looks like the architecture of Athos peninsula. It confirms the connection of the town with the neighbouring peninsula — the Athos metochion used to be here.

You can find all the necessary infrastructure in Sykia: water entertainment, hotels and apartments, beach bars, taverns, shops, pizzerias and several campsites. Since the village is rich in fishing traditions, the local fish restaurants are worth visiting.

How to get

Tigania is located northwards from the beach of Kriaritsi, 160 kilometres from Thessaloniki. Getting to the beach by bus is not the best choice. The road to it is winding; Tigania is situated far from the main road. That is why it is better to come here by a rental car. The nearest parking lot is located about 200 metres from the seaside. You can navigate by the pointers, which will help you to find a way.

Tigania is related to the resort of Sykia. That is why if you would like to go by public transport, you should reach this village. You should take a bus No.45 in Thessaloniki and go to the KTEL Halkidikis bus station. From this station, the buses run to all the resorts of Sithonia peninsula, including Sykia. It takes about 5-10 minutes to get to the beach of Tigania by taxi or by a rental car. 


  • There aren’t many sun loungers on Tigania beach. If you want to relax with comfort, you should better come here in the morning.
  • Some vacationers take tents with them and settle down on the beach, arranging a kind of campsite.
  • As it takes long time to get to Tigania beach, it is a good idea to combine the trip with visiting neighbouring beaches. The beaches of Prasu, Kriaritsi that is popular with the tourists, Klimataria and a long beach of Sykia are located nearby.

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Tigania Beach

(Παραλία Τηγάνια, Tigania Beach)
  • | Between Klimataria and Kriaritsi beach, Sikia, Greece

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