Toroni Beach
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Toroni beach in Sithonia is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Halkidiki peninsula. This idyllic coast will delight you with a calm sea without waves, a leisurely atmosphere and a rich history — the acquaintance with it will become a pleasant addition to your beach holiday.

Beach features

The coastline in Toroni stretches for 2.5 kilometres. The coast of the village is covered with light coarse sand. The sea is always calm here, there are almost no winds and the entrance to the water is convenient and gentle — due to these facts, Toroni is a suitable place for children. But pay attention that the depth is increasing not far from the shore, there is almost no shallow water on the beach in Toroni. For the cleanliness, the Toroni beach in Halkidiki was awarded the Blue flag.


Toroni beach is not geared to youth recreation. Here you will find perfect conditions for relaxing holidays with children, in the bosom of the family. It is noisy only once a day, when the pleasure ship from Kassandra arrives for an hour. After that, a hush falls over the beach again.

The infrastructure of the coast is excellent: there are hotels, apartments on the front line and villas for rent, taverns, shops and cafes. The Toroni beach is partially equipped with sun loungers, but there are wild places where you can sit with a towel right on the sand.

For those who want to diversify their vacation, the Toroni beach offers boat rentals and water sports. There is a playground for beach volleyball. And those who like refreshing cocktails may visit beach bars, which are located along the Toroni coast. Many of them offer free cocktails and sun loungers.

The village of Toroni

Toroni is the oldest settlement in Sithonia. Its history began in the 8th century BC and dates back several millennia. Around ancient Toroni small towns were situated, and Toroni itself minted coins and paid tribute to Athens.

On the territory of the modern resort, there are many evidences of the past. Therefore, you can combine the rest on the Toroni beach with sightseeing. Here are some of the sights:

  • the ruins of the early Christian basilica of Saint Athanasius, which dates back to the VI century;
  • the wreckage of Byzantine forts at the Likithos cape;
  • the ruins of ancient Acropolis;
  • the major part of the ancient city, located at the bottom of the sea, 35 m from the shore. The underwater ruins of Toroni attract the attention of divers who hope to find something interesting.

In Toroni there is almost everything that a typical resort town should have. You can visit a fish market and a butcher shop, buy everything you need in mini-markets and souvenir shops. But you should consider that there are no pharmacies and ATMs in Toroni. 

During the recreation on the Toroni beach, it is impossible to miss the chance to explore the surrounding area. For example, in close neighborhood you will find the beaches of Destenika and Tristinika (two of the best in this part of Halkidiki) and the picturesque village of Porto Koufo. It is located 3 km from Toroni. Porto Koufo attracts with a bay, which is protected by high cliffs, excellent fish taverns and an atmosphere of leisurely rest.

The Toroni beach is located 142 km from Thessaloniki and 129 km from Macedonia international airport. In order to get to Toroni from Thessaloniki, you need to use the bus No. 45, which takes passengers to the KTEL Halkidikis bus station. If you get from the airport, you need to take a bus No. 79 and to get to the IKEA stop, where you will have to make a transfer to the bus to KTEL Halkidikis. From Halkidiki bus station, regular buses go to all resorts of the peninsula, including Toroni. 

An average time of the journey from Thessaloniki to the Toroni beach including all the transfers is 3–3.5 hours. If you want to get there comfortably and as quickly as possible, it is better to book a transfer in advance or to rent a car.


The evening Toroni is ideal for romantics. You can spend your time in the coastal tavern or bar and watch the sunset.

Trees and greenery do not come right up to the shore on the coast of Toroni unlike many other resorts in Sithonia. You won’t find any natural shade here. Therefore, it is necessary to take sun loungers and use suncreams.