Xiropotamo beach
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Xiropotamos beach is a famous long beach with light sand near the same-name settlement, which is located in the Central Macedonia in Greece. Due to the shallow water, it is an ideal place for a vacation with family and children.

Beach features

Xiropotamos beach in Halkidiki has all the chances to win the heart of a traveler who likes to relax in silence and far away from hundreds of people around. It is usually quite here, and no more than 5-7 cars arrive during the day. These are mostly families with children, as well as the guests from nearby hotels. They love this place for its shallow water. As for sand, it is clean, fine and white at Xiropotamos as befits semi-wild beach. It is also perfect for building mazes, castles and fantastic shapes by children.

The beach is surrounded by hills and trees along the long coastline. The way to the shore, as well as the entrance to the water is flat. Here the sea is calm and crystal-clear. Depending on the weather, it changes its colors from smoke-blue and royal blue on a sunny day to turquoise and malachite before a raining weather. Therefore, it is not strange that people come here to spend a vacation side by side with nature. It seems that in such parts of Greece, it has been preserved in its original form that the locals are insanely proud of.

The most famous highlight of the beach is a eucalyptus tree that is almost one hundred years old. It is under it where travelers take selfies, relax in the shade and leave their transport.


Despite the fact that today you see umbrellas and sun loungers on the beach, it still can be considered to be semi-wild. There are no toilets, shower stalls, sports areas or playgrounds here. However, vacationers can play beach volleyball without them as well. Besides, in shady places, they have fun playing board games or organize picnics.

A tiny cafe-trailer is an undeniable advantage of Xiropotamos. There are even several tables with chairs next to it, so it will be convenient to have a snack or relax after swimming in the sea. In the trailer, you can buy snacks, sweets, sandwiches, water and ice cream. By the way, there are two small containers for garbage here. They are probably the only ones on the whole beach. By the way, it is one of the reasons why you can see garbage and empty bottles on the shore from time to time.

It would seem to be a plain boredom. But there is an entertainment on the beach that attracts many tourists here — a vacation on a motorboat. If you have a license, you can manage it yourself or rent it with the skipper. Where can you go by the motorboat? 

You can just sail 100-200 metres from the shore and go diving or snorkeling. But it is better to take the advice of the captain and rush off to explore the surrounding islands — Ammouliani, Drenia, Diaporos and Agios Isidoros. The Holy Mount Athos is located very close — it is clearly visible from the sea. In addition, in the evening, you can have a romantic dinner on the boat and enjoy the plum sunset while drinking Greek wine.

Those who like to exercise and to ride the waves on their own, can rent a canoe-kayak. Children will especially like this entertainment; even if they do not row, they will definitely enjoy such a mini-trip along the colorful bay of Singitikos. Fishermen can also rent a boat and catch supper from it. However, it is not necessary to sail off the shore. Locals say that the bite is great even on the rocks near the beach. By the way, kids can also snorkel here with a mask and even see fish.


The beach is located in one of the bays of the Singitikos gulf between Tripiti, where a 4-km long narrow earth road leads, and Develiki. Xiropotamos is located about 8 km from Ierissos as well.

The easiest way to get to the beach is by car from Thessaloniki. For this, you need to drive along the main road of Halkidiki to Athos peninsula. Before you reach it and when you see the pointer to Villa Alexandra, turn right. Having driven by this hotel, go straight along the road to the beach. At the end of it, where the asphalt ends, you will have to drive a couple of kilometres on an earth road. The way from the nearby beaches and hotels to Xiropotamos takes a few minutes by car or up to half an hour on foot.


  • Take water and food with you in order not to buy them on the beach.
  • There is not always enough shade on the shore. If you do not want to get sunburnt, use sun cream and wear sunglasses.
  • If you plan to snorkel near the shore, bring a mask and fins to the beach.
  • Be careful on the rocks — they are slippery in places.
  • The coastline of the beach is quite long, so you can stay here with your tent and even a trailer. Just park your car as far away from the beach bar as possible so that you don't hear music or other tourists talking.