Afytos Central Square
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Afytos stands out as the most enchanting and vibrant village on Kassandra. Renowned for its beachside allure, it’s also a perfect spot for leisurely strolls. The charming central square is the highlight, surrounded by the settlement’s key attractions.

Discovering Afytos

A journey through Afytos is enriched by its ancient roots. Nestled in Halkidiki’s first peninsula, its story unfolds from the Neolithic era with a thriving settlement that once minted its currency. The modern chapter of Afytos began in 1827 when locals, driven away by war with the Turks, returned to resurrect their village from ruins. This era marked the construction of the stone houses that now hallmark the village’s charm.

Discover Afytos: The Halkidiki Viewpoint

Afytos, a village with a unique charm, is adorned with stone houses that exude authenticity. Tourists are drawn to its well-maintained, scenic alleyways perfect for photo ops. The village’s focal point is the main square, a hidden oasis shaded by trees, offering a cool escape from the summer heat. Strolling around the square, visitors can admire the distinctive architecture that sets Afytos apart from other Halkidiki villages. Many historic homes here bear plaques with the construction year and the owner’s name, transporting onlookers back almost two centuries.

Nestled within the heart of Afytos lies the prominent St. Demetrius Church, erected in 1859. This structure, a replacement for an earlier church demolished by the Turks in 1821, boasts a three-aisled basilica design complete with a dome and bell tower. Local hands, alongside craftsmen from Northern Epirus, meticulously crafted it. Inside, a 19th-century iconostasis, intricately carved from wood, captivates visitors, while the central aisle is adorned with an iconic 14th-century image of the Virgin Mary, originally from Constantinople.

The Central Square boasts a captivating Folklore Museum that offers a glimpse into the cultural heritage of Halkidiki. Inside, a collection showcases the region’s historical lifestyle through an array of traditional tools, garments, and kitchenware once utilized by the locals. Visitors can marvel at an authentic loom, unique furniture pieces, and intricately embroidered textiles crafted by the skilled women of Afytos.

Perched on a vantage point, Afytos offers breathtaking views of the Toroneos Gulf and the silhouette of Sithonia peninsula. Beyond the scenery, the village square brims with charm, hosting a variety of taverns known for their seafood delights.

Things to Do

Refresh with a cocktail at a bar near the viewing area, taking in the coastal panorama. While the beach here is expansive, it’s a mix of rock and sand, with Varkes beach providing a sandy haven and gentle sea access. Despite some rocky patches, Afytos remains a favored destination, particularly among European travelers, though less frequented by the Russian-speaking visitors.

During the summer, Aphitos becomes a hub of cultural exchange with its annual festival, attracting numerous visitors. The event features a marketplace offering Greek handicrafts and an array of performances from local dance troupes and musicians.

On August 15th, festivities peak with the celebration of the Virgin Mary, highlighted by traditional Greek dances, music, and culinary delights.

Before departing from Aphitos, exploring the artisan shops near the main square is a must. These boutiques showcase unique handcrafted items, spices, olive oil, and other Greek specialties, setting them apart from the typical tourist shops.

Afytos, a scenic destination, lies about a 75 km drive from Thessaloniki’s airport and 87 km from the city center. It’s nestled between Nea Fokea and Kallithea resorts and is accessible by bus from the Ktel Halkidiki station in Thessaloniki. However, for convenience and speed, driving is the better option.


  • The local Afytos Folklore Museum has limited opening hours; it welcomes visitors in the summer months of June through August, from 10 am to 1 pm, and resumes from 7 pm to 11 pm. Admission is free.
  • If you find yourself in Afytos and wish to explore nearby, Kallithea—a bustling resort town—is close by. Renowned for its splendid sandy beaches, it’s a manageable distance away. Opting to walk grants you a serene 40-minute stroll, preferably not along the main road but on a quieter path just beneath it, away from heavy traffic. Alternatively, a brief taxi ride can whisk you to your destination within 3 to 5 minutes.