Pefkochori Beach
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Pefkochori, a vivacious village, is renowned on the Halkidiki peninsula for its attractiveness and infrastructure. Thousands of travelers come to enjoy its natural splendor, and its shoreline is one of the most crowded in greece.

Pefkochori Beach

The Pefkochori Beach, extending 3 km, is mainly composed of sand and pebbles. Yet, its composition is varied, with sandy areas sitting next to pebble beaches, and some spots featuring a sand-covered seabed and others with stones. Additionally, the water entry is quite pleasant, making it ideal for families with children.

The coast stretches for 10 meters, with the middle being the skinniest. As you head away from the midpoint, the further to the right you go, the more space is available to relax (some parts are even abandoned). Pefkochori’s shoreline is washed by clear waters that deepen over time. The beach was given the Blue flag acknowledgment for the amenities and quality of the sand present. Facilities on the beach are also there.


Visitors to Pefkochori Beach can find a host of amenities: sun loungers, umbrellas, bars, restaurants, cafes, and shops. A large concentration of these facilities can be found in the central region, ensuring no visitor is left without something to do. Tourists from Serbia, Bulgaria, and the republic of North Macedonia arrive by car to enjoy the beach’s pristine condition, which is maintained even with a high density of people. There is never any garbage to be found on the coast, making sure you always have an enjoyable stay.

From budget friendly apartments to 3* hotels, it looks like Pefkochori has it all! Besides that, there are playgrounds, well-kept grounds and in some cases swimming pools in the popular tourist 3*. The beach has everything you need, too, like beach bars, mini markets, boat rentals, catamaran and boat trips, water sports, showers and toilets. Even novice divers can take a few lessons at the local dive center, and they can dive while being supervised by experienced instructors.

What to do

Pefkochori is a vibrant village with a permanent population of around 1,500. Yet, when the season kicks off, the atmosphere in this resort town is simply electric! You can find plenty of shopping opportunities here — from farm items and souvenirs to beach holiday necessities. When evening comes, the village truly comes alive — with a range of bars and clubs to choose from, you can enjoy your night out in style!

At the beachfront of Pefkochori you can find a Dinos Luna park, a much-loved activity among the kids. Apart from vending machines, trampolines and other amusements, there is also a ferris wheel from which you can observe the coastline of Pefkochori, the neighbouring Sithonia, and on days with great visibility you can catch a glimpse of Mount Athos. Even though Pefkochori itself lacks entertainment (except for the Old square and a few churches) its location still makes it an ideal spot to explore Kassandra. You can go to the vibrant resort of Haniotis, or visit Paliouri with its beautiful bay, pine forest and old 19th century buildings.

Pefkochori is found roughly 100 km distant from Thessaloniki. Buses can be taken from Thessaloniki and the Macedonia airport to the Halkidiki bus station, where you can switch to the one that halts in Pefkochori. Service starts at 7:30 and continues with about 1.5 hours between buses, with the final one leaving after 19:00. A more pleasant option is to either get a car at the airport or arrange a private transfer, in which case you will be brought straight to your hotel or rented villa.


For maximum relaxation, June and September are the optimal months to visit Pefkochori Beach as all the establishments and beach bars will be functioning, but with fewer people than usual.