Siviri Beach
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On the southwestern side of Kassandra, the initial «finger» of Halkidiki, there lies a snug coastal town of Siviri. It is well-deservedly seen as one of the most successful places to have a vacation on the peninsula due to its well-developed infrastructure, lots of vegetation, and a long, sparsely-populated beach of sand.

Siviri Beach

Siviri beach is generally separated into two sections: the right side of the pier and the left side of the pier. Both regions have their own distinct features. The right one is a marvelous wide beach of sand, which is cut off by a small river and a bridge. It extends up to a hill at the edge of Siviri. Along the shore, a promenade has been set up, with all the necessary amenities for leisure and sightseeing. The left area of the beach is lined with sand mixed with pebbles. Entering the water is also easy, yet there are stones. Due to the length of the beach, it remains uncrowded even during the peak season.

The stunning coastline of Siviri is renowned for its natural beauty. People say that the village beach is the most beautiful on the west coast of Kassandra. It is the perfect spot for families with children. For its cleanliness, Siviri beach has been awarded the Blue flag for many consecutive years. On the left side of the main beach, near the outskirts of the village, there are several secluded sandy coves, with beautiful white rocks in the foreground — a great spot for taking photos and being alone. You can walk through the sea with the water up to your knees and go around the rocks to access the small hidden beaches. Furthermore, Elani beach is 2 km from Siviri and is less well-known, but no less picturesque. It is surrounded by a larch forest and its shoreline is pristine and sandy. You can reach it on foot through a scenic forest path that starts in Siviri.

Siviri is situated in the west of Kassandra, granting stunning views of the sunsets from its coastline.


The beach infrastructure of Siviri Beach is well developed, with the ability to rent sun loungers and umbrellas, take a break in taverns or beach bars, snack in cafes, and purchase souvenirs in local shops. Accommodation is also available, with hotels, apartments and cottages to rent. If you’re looking for a bit of entertainment, you can play ping pong, beach volleyball, or take part in water sports. All in all, Siviri Beach is the ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and spend some quality time with family or to simply find some peace and quiet.

What to do

In Siviri, there is a supermarket, mini markets, and a plethora of eateries that offer fresh seafood. This village is well-known in northern Greece for its yearly festival, which takes place during the summer months. Guests could experience classical and modern theatricals, along with musical events from greek musicians. This festival is held in July and August at an amphitheater located close to Siviri. On top of the concerts, greek cultural evenings and art displays take place at different spots.

For tourists with children, there is a playground on the central square of the resort. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore Siviri’s forest trails, with the possibility of a 2.5 hour journey to the renowned Sani resort and its spectacular sea views. Taking a break for swimming can be done on secluded beaches. To reach Kassandra, including its administrative centre of Kassandra, a car can be hired. On Tuesdays, the laiki agora takes place in Kassandria, where the freshest local products can be bought.

For those who want to go to the Siviri Beach, the nearest airport, Macedonia (Thessaloniki), is located 85 km away. You can choose between travelling to the destination by car or public transport. From the airport, there are buses which will take you to the Halkidiki bus station, and from there you can find routes to the resorts of the peninsula, including Siviri.


It is important to note that Siviri does not have large hotel complexes, so it is not suitable for people who enjoy All inclusive services. However, there are small hotels and modern apartment complexes, so it is recommended to plan ahead and book a place to stay in advance.